This is why I Love You

I love you,
Mostly because I love me
The me that I met through meeting you…
Because see, you introduce me to myself

You allow me to shine forth my beauty
You encourage my heart to love and care for those around me
You urge me to relate
You introduce me to a happy and nurturing me…

You challenge me
You push me over the edge so that I can have no more excuses but to fly
And then you take my hand and sour with me
You introduce me to a courageous and bold me

And then you challenge me
You push the buttons I never knew I had
You introduce me to the hurt parts of me that never really healed
You introduce me to the sharp parts of me that are cutting at me as I try to conceal them
You introduce me to a me that needs to grow past her pains and disappointments

You excite me
You show me a world of joy and peace beyond understanding
You aid me to see that growth is an exciting journey that no one can take for me
And then you offer to walk with me through it…
You introduce me to a me that knows how to relax and trust

You introduce me to my flaws and shortcomings
And then you me while I work and pray through them…
You introduce me to a beautiful me
And then you love and appreciate me for it.
You introduce me to the me of my dreams
And then you love me enough to allow room to live out her dreams…
You introduce me to an imperfect me,
And you love me with and through it all…

You introduce me to myself
To a me that I’m learning to love
And as I continue to learn to love myself
I am learning to love you more and more…
I love you
I love how knowing you introduces me to who I am

Miss K.D Mashile


While I wait


I trust that this finds you well.

I am Dineo, although you may not know me yet
I am the one waiting for you
The one for whom you are looking
I am HER
I write this poem to you while I wait

I know that you are close by
But I will not seek you out
For my sole pursuit is after Our Father
My heart’s desire is to be with Him first
And I trust that the same is true for you

I will pray for you while I wait
Not that we meet quickly but that we meet at His appointed time
I also pray that we both get to our respective places of wholeness in Him
I pray that we will be completed as individuals while we wait to be merged into one
I pray that we stay on the path of righteousness as God leads us
So that we don’t miss each other or meet outside of His will

Most of all
I know you are closer now than you have ever been
So I choose to save my body, mind and soul and focus on my energy on God and the advancement of His Kingdom until such a day when He gives me to you

I choose to forgive and let go of any past hurt and sanctify my heart so that I may be able to see you through the eyes of Christ and not compare you to anyone other than Him
Even then, I pray that our destinies will collide and where 1 could have reached 1000 2 will reach 10000

I am excited to meet you
Yet I pray that I will not wait for you to be happy
But that I will be joyful even while I wait

I will see you soon then
Even while I wait…

Usa me Señor

Use me, Lord Jesus

Make me into whatever it is that is useful to You in this season
Make me useful to You and use me as You desire
Usa me Señor

Take this life that I have and use it to save the lives of those whom You love
I want to be the mouthpiece to the trumpet You use to spread Your Word across the nations
I want to be the tip of the arrow that You use to hit Your target
Make me the sword through which Your Word cuts truth from lies as one would separate the paper and plastic of a laminated page
Make me into whatever it is You need and
Usa me Señor

All that I am
All that I have
All that I know
All that I have learned
Make of it whatever is useful to You and
Usa me Señor

I do not merely want to go through the motions of this life as I wait to meet You
I want to actively enhance the Kingdom as I purposefully live out my purpose

So Lord,
If You need a servant,
I shall serve
If You need a worshiper,
Then in Spirit and Truth shall I worship
If you need a king,
I will rule and reign with You, God
Whatever it is that is useful to You, God, that I want to be
Usa me Señor

Use my weaknesses and struggles, God
Use them to demonstrate Your mighty power
Use my shortcoming, God
Use them to demonstrate Your grace

Usa me Señor
Even where I am unable
I am still available to be used by You, God

Here I am, God
All that I am
All that I have
All that I’ve seen
All that I know
Take it all and make it into whatever is useful to You and
Usa me Señor…

Kay-Dee Mashile

God gave me you…

God gave me you
And He gave you me
Not from the day we first met
Or when you first saw me
Not from the day we first felt butterflies
Or the day we had our first real conversation

God gave me you
And he gave you me
Not when we first locked eyes
Or when we first held hands
Not from our first date
Or the day we first said
“I love you”
Not even on the day we said
“I do”

God gave me you
And he gave you me
When He first dreamed of our lives
Way before the earth had foundations
Way before we were conceived and born into this world
He had given me you and you me
He had finished writing our perfect love story

I pray that His grace guides us to doing good by each other
All the days of our lives
Not just the days we get to spend together

Even though we may not have met yet
I am confident that
God gave me you!


Woman extraordinaire

Maybe twenty years from now
The twenty years I’ve lived up to now will seem rather insignificant
But it is during these two decades that I have become an expert at being a woman.
See being an expert requires knowledge and experience in a certain area of expertise

You may argue
That I don’t have the experience of age
And the wisdom it brings with it

Yet I still say I am an expert at being a woman
I may not have this “womanhood” thing on lockdown but
I am an expert nonetheless

Because, you see,
I am the extraordinary woman God dreamed of
His dream was so perfect that He couldn’t but make it a reality
He even spilled His own blood to buy this dream lifetime insurance
He didn’t see any other image fit in which to make it but His own

So I may not be a mother yet
I may even yet be a little girl
Who is only now beginning to become a woman
But I know that mine is a finished story
So as I walk to an already established purpose

I walk
I live
I love
I care
I pray
I nurture

I am a woman
Not just an ordinary woman
I am a woman extraordinaire!

K..D. Mashile (from poetry book Twenty available at: Twenty by Khotso Dineo Mashile at

Opposites… attract???

So they say that opposites attract
But you and I are just too different to ever cross paths
We are as opposite as they get

I am a black multicultured daughter of the African soil
And you are a white grandson of the Dutchman
Although you traded your carci shorts for a long pair of chinos
It makes little difference because I traded my weave for dreadlocks and an African print headwrap
See, we are as opposite as they get!

We may both speak and understand English
But we come from different worlds
Our language and culture keep us as parallel as East and West
And as far apart as North and South

We even see the real world differently
While you proudly vote for VF Plus
I hopefully vote for the ANC
Your definition of privilege is your inability to find a ‘better’ job because of BEE
And mine is simply all that makes you unable to benefit from the BBBEE initiative
Yet neither of us are racist
We just have different perspectives as we are standing at two different places in life

You walk tall and proud as though the dust of the earth is your runway
And I walk strong because I cannot afford to be weak on top of everything else
You work hard to earn what you have always been told you deserved
While I work twice as hard to prove that I could also deserve half as much if I was afforded the opportunity

See, we are probably as different as they get.

The only thing that we have in common is that we both love and serve God.
Well… Maybe opposites do attract,  we’re just not that different after all…


[PS: Don’t ask me anything about this poem. Love, Miss Kay-Dee <3]

Dear Black Man

Dear Black Man,
Thank you.

Thank you for showing me my worth
Thank you for showing me unconditional love
Love that doesn’t say that
“At least you’re pretty decent,”
Or, plain old “pretty, for a black girl”
Thank you for teaching me that being black is an inheritance that you blessed me with
And that it is okay to be proudly black
Without worrying about who might find it uncomfortable

Dear Black Man,
Thank you.

Thank you for my dark skin and thick hair
Thank you for my curved hips and thick thighs
Thank you for my full lips and beautifully carved nose
Thank you for my creatively flexible tongue
Thank you for everything that makes me black
For it is an inheritance that you blessed me with
That no one can ever take away from me
And one that no plastic surgeon can duplicate even with the help of modern technology

Dear Black Man,
Thank you.

Thank you for all the times you weren’t there.
Thank you for being so selfless that you sacrificed our relationship to provide for me so that I can live to build many other relationships
Thank you for the life that your sacrifices have afforded me
Thank you for giving up your hopes and dreams and settling for a job that would allow me the opportunity to hope and dream of a better future
Thank you for taking disrespect when you deserved the most respect in the world just so that I can have a taste of the so-called right to human dignity

Dear Black Man,
I am who and what I am because of you
I owe you my very name!
I appreciate you
And I love and respect you.
You are my truest hero!

Dearest Black King,
Thank You!

Your Beautiful Black Princess going on Queen