Another piece without a title

When you drew away
I drew closer to God
I guess that’s the blessing in this whole situation
That when I missed your texts
I ran to the best love story ever written
And when I missed you
I ran straight into my Father’s arms

I didn’t realise how much of an idol I had maid us
Until God had to be the only Man in my life for the past week
I realised that the reason why I felt alone without you
Was that I was letting you replace Him
And somehow this week forced me to reflect on my life and do some much needed growing up

See, spending time with God reintroduced me to me
It reminded me of the me that I had let go of in the process of fixing the me that I met through you
To be honest
I love who I am through your eyes
But I choose to be who I am through His

So, hello
This is me
I am first and foremost His before I could ever be yours
And I pray that it be in Him that we grow as us
May our lives meet where He is
May it be in His perfect will that we build us
I look forward to introducing you to our Father
And to meeting Him every day that I get to spend with you.



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