While I wait


I trust that this finds you well.

I am Dineo, although you may not know me yet
I am the one waiting for you
The one for whom you are looking
I am HER
I write this poem to you while I wait

I know that you are close by
But I will not seek you out
For my sole pursuit is after Our Father
My heart’s desire is to be with Him first
And I trust that the same is true for you

I will pray for you while I wait
Not that we meet quickly but that we meet at His appointed time
I also pray that we both get to our respective places of wholeness in Him
I pray that we will be completed as individuals while we wait to be merged into one
I pray that we stay on the path of righteousness as God leads us
So that we don’t miss each other or meet outside of His will

Most of all
I know you are closer now than you have ever been
So I choose to save my body, mind and soul and focus on my energy on God and the advancement of His Kingdom until such a day when He gives me to you

I choose to forgive and let go of any past hurt and sanctify my heart so that I may be able to see you through the eyes of Christ and not compare you to anyone other than Him
Even then, I pray that our destinies will collide and where 1 could have reached 1000 2 will reach 10000

I am excited to meet you
Yet I pray that I will not wait for you to be happy
But that I will be joyful even while I wait

I will see you soon then
Even while I wait…


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