Woman extraordinaire

Maybe twenty years from now
The twenty years I’ve lived up to now will seem rather insignificant
But it is during these two decades that I have become an expert at being a woman.
See being an expert requires knowledge and experience in a certain area of expertise

You may argue
That I don’t have the experience of age
And the wisdom it brings with it

Yet I still say I am an expert at being a woman
I may not have this “womanhood” thing on lockdown but
I am an expert nonetheless

Because, you see,
I am the extraordinary woman God dreamed of
His dream was so perfect that He couldn’t but make it a reality
He even spilled His own blood to buy this dream lifetime insurance
He didn’t see any other image fit in which to make it but His own

So I may not be a mother yet
I may even yet be a little girl
Who is only now beginning to become a woman
But I know that mine is a finished story
So as I walk to an already established purpose

I walk
I live
I love
I care
I pray
I nurture

I am a woman
Not just an ordinary woman
I am a woman extraordinaire!

K..D. Mashile (from poetry book Twenty available at: Twenty by Khotso Dineo Mashile at Amazon.com)


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