Opposites… attract???

So they say that opposites attract
But you and I are just too different to ever cross paths
We are as opposite as they get

I am a black multicultured daughter of the African soil
And you are a white grandson of the Dutchman
Although you traded your carci shorts for a long pair of chinos
It makes little difference because I traded my weave for dreadlocks and an African print headwrap
See, we are as opposite as they get!

We may both speak and understand English
But we come from different worlds
Our language and culture keep us as parallel as East and West
And as far apart as North and South

We even see the real world differently
While you proudly vote for VF Plus
I hopefully vote for the ANC
Your definition of privilege is your inability to find a ‘better’ job because of BEE
And mine is simply all that makes you unable to benefit from the BBBEE initiative
Yet neither of us are racist
We just have different perspectives as we are standing at two different places in life

You walk tall and proud as though the dust of the earth is your runway
And I walk strong because I cannot afford to be weak on top of everything else
You work hard to earn what you have always been told you deserved
While I work twice as hard to prove that I could also deserve half as much if I was afforded the opportunity

See, we are probably as different as they get.

The only thing that we have in common is that we both love and serve God.
Well… Maybe opposites do attract,  we’re just not that different after all…


[PS: Don’t ask me anything about this poem. Love, Miss Kay-Dee <3]


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