do you remember that other day today

I have a whole video recorded in my memory
In fact,
An entire movie played out in my head today
I must say
“You still look like a movie”
And our voices in my head surely do sound like a song

I don’t exactly miss you
I rather just remembered you today
I remembered that day like it was yesterday
Do you?

I looked at a picture today
It reminded me of the many ‘todays’ I had envisioned
Both the ones lived and the ones that never came to pass
I remembered the today I first saw you
– didn’t think much of you really
And then I remembered the today you first spoke to me
– I probably knew only then who you actually were
I remember later that today when we had an actual conversation
– you were quite smart!
I then went on to remember the today you asked me out
And then I remembered every today you made me smile
And the today that you stopped
And then the today I’m glad things ended when they did
And then I wrote this poem

You may be wondering why,
Well, I wanted you to know that I am happy without you today
And that I wish you are happy without me too
Because our today is all that we have
And regardless of the number of pictures we took and kept
Or that of the mental videos we could never erase
Whether or not we remember that day
Today is all we have

Stop crying over what was
Celebrate it
Enjoy what is
And build towards what lies hereafter

I might never forget you
I honestly don’t want to
But I don’t miss you
Because I am busy loving my today!

Miss Kay-Dee


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