I love you Daddy

“I love you Daddy,
You are my hero.
I love you Daddy,
You are my superstar…”

Ricardo’s words must have been meant for you
Because you are my Superman, Batman, Ironman and Spiderman
All wrapped up in one
You are my picture of true love
You are my Daddy!

Thank you for all the laughter and chilled moments
Thank you for the discipline and correction in an ever so loving manner
Thank you for always working hard to provide for us
Thank you for all your efforts to give us a better life

And Daddy,
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for not appreciating you enough
I am sorry for taking your love and provision for granted
I am sorry for not always appreciating the much needed discipline and correction
I am sorry for not always recognizing your loving efforts

But even in all that,
You remained commitment to caring for us
You always remind me that I am your little girl
The day you first told me you were proud of me was the best day of my whole life
You make me want to be a better me
If for no other reason, to make my Daddy proud

Not many black men stick to their families
Not many men portray to their daughters what it means to be loved
Not many people care enough about others to constantly sacrifice their own happiness for the other people

For as long as I have known you,
You have never stopped working hard for us
Even when you were tired
You still sat down and watched TV with us and appreciated the food you were served
You are always there for us
And for all this and more
I am grateful to God that you are my Daddy!

I am looking forward to many more years of love and warmth
Years filled with the sound of graceful laughter
Many years of learning from you
Years of showing you the fruits of all your sacrifices
I cannot wait for the day that you retire so that we can work hard to provide for you as you have provided for us all these years
I am looking forward to having you walk me down the aisle and for many more priceless Daddy-daughter moments
I am looking forward to yet another lifetime worth of loving and being loved by my Daddy

There are really no words to describe you and all that you mean to me
I am super blessed and highly favoured to have you as my father

I love you Daddy,
Happy Birthday and
Happy Father’s Day
You deserve all the love in the world!

Your little girl, Dineo.


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