Senzeni na? (cries the black child)

Senzeni na?
The cry of a black child in a brutal and oppressive white supremacist system
A black child who is constantly being dehumanised and colonised by systems that do not even take responsibility for their colonial and oppressive nature
A system that claims to be transformed and inclusive
A system that prides itself in its ability to merely accommodate a black child in a land where she should actually belong…

Senzeni na?
The cry of a black child
When she is surrounded by people who do not look like her
In a land which belongs to her
And constantly being told that she does not belong
But that she should count it a privilege that she is even allowed to walk on the land

Senzeni na?
The cry of a black child
A black child who is barely making it in life
A child who cannot even afford to be at the place where she can receive the decent education which she so desperately needs
An education which she is constantly being reminded that she doesn’t deserve

Senzeni na?
The cry of a black child who is always crying inside
A child who is being oppressed and then silenced as though she deserves it
A child who is beaten up and poured with urine in 2016 in a university that claims to be transformed
A university that prides itself with having black and white students who hold hands and pray together

But senzeni na?
Is the question she is forever stuck with…

She knows that she is a priceless jewel
A beloved daughter of her Father
An image of His beauty
She knows that her life is precious to Him
And that she is dearly loved

But senzeni na?
Is her constant and desperate cry in this institution that keeps on silencing her feelings
“It is not that personal”
“You are being too emotional”
“It is not about you”
“It is not always about race”
“It is not about the language that you speak”
“It is not oppression,
it is transformation”

But, senzeni na?
When it keeps on oppressing me
When it keeps on reminding me that is not transformed
When I walk past symbols and statues of people who keep on reminding me that they would rather I stayed away from this place
People who keep on trying to convince me that I am better off separated from the

Who am I supposed to cry to?
Where do I go for help?

Senzeni na?
“What have I done to deserve this?”
Cries the black child…

Miss Kay-Dee Mashile


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