By every one of His stripes, your heart was healed on mount Calvary!

I am hurting
I am in agonizing pain
Can anybody help me?!

I am being tormented and tortured
My heart is shredded into pieces that I cannot seem to put together
Every time I feel close enough
I’m forced to start all over again

How am I supposed to carry on when there is nowhere left to go?
How can I be expected to continue living
When life is constantly pulled away from me?
Can someone please help me?!
I am in real pain!

I am constantly fighting a lost war
My children are being killed before they are able to make something out of themselves
My parents are nowhere to be found
They are forced to work so much for me yet their work is taking them away from me
Their work is the very reason why they are killing me!

Somebody please help!

I tried to pray
But it seems as though I am going through labour pains
for the still birth of one child after the other
When is my prayer going to be answered?
Is there even a God out there?!

I mean where is this god when I keep on suffering injustice?
Where is He when my family dynamics are invaded
When I am so poor that my father has to shoot and arrest me to earn a living?
Who is my helper, my comforter and protector?

Where will my help come from?

For God so loved the world
That He gave His one and only
Begotten Son
So that whosoever believes in Him
My not perish but have eternal life

Jesus suffered on our behalf
He was crucified so that we would live
He is the Mighty Warrior
The one who protects the fatherless

God is the Father to the fatherless
He fights for the oppressed
He is the Ultimate Answer

He has Hind hands on you
He loves you
Your life is precious to you!

Trust Him and believe in Him
Seek Him today, while He is yet to be found
He rewards those who diligently seek Him

He is willing and able to see you through
Your help comes from Him!

Try Him and see!

Kay-Dee Mashile


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