#Twenty: Introduction


Hi, I am Dineo Mashile. Now, if you know me, you will expect me to write a ten page essay about who I am and what I do. Well, that is the reason for this poetry book.

I wrote this book in a sense of counting my blessings. I am to turn Twenty this year, 2016, and I saw writing a book as the best fit way to thank God for the days I’ve been blessed with.

I initially wanted to divide the poems in this compilation into subdivisions indicating different parts of my life. But it then dawned to me that each poem describes me in a certain manner. The beautifully disorganised thoughts that make me a poet are best expressed in a beautiful disorganisation of poetry. So, as you go from sad, to being in love and then into a worship mood; you will have a clearer idea of how it feels to be an artist! 🙂

Poetry has taught me to appreciate the beauty in the messy bits of life. May my words be an inspiration to you!


Blessings, Miss K.D Mashile.



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