Khotso Dineo Mashile

A young poet gives insight on her roots

Dineo Mashile, a social work student at the University of the Free State, is an author and poet who firmly believes that identity goes way beyond race. “A recent visit to Zambia and learning about the African culture as a collective made me realise that my identity goes beyond race,” she said. “My race is only a component of who I am, it does not define me. Reducing myself to being a black female or a white male robs the world of the all the wealth that is within my holistic being,” she asserts.

She has written a poem about being South African. She says it was inspired by a speech by her Rector and Vice- Chancellor, Prof Jonathan Jansen, titled ‘My South Africa’.

Khotso Dineo Mashile is a young South African with a strong Christian upbringing. It is in the Church where she began singing, writing and reciting. She is the third of five children. She is a Social Worker by profession; who does performance art in her spare time. Dineo has always had a heart for people and has found poetry to be a platform for her to express this passion. More of her poems can be read online on her blog at this website:

She is also the author of the novel Perfect Love and an anthology titled Kingdom Poetry. She also co-authored a title called Discovering and Revealing the True Nature of a Woman. All these titles are available on Amazon and Kindle under her author page at

More info on her FB page at

Articles by Khotso Dineo Mashile



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