Who I “really” am!

Have you ever been asked the question:
“Who are you really?”

Or this one:
“Where are you really from?

Well, all my life I have had to answer this and, until recently I had the most logical answer on speed dial!

But then I had to ask myself, “Is this who I really am?”

Well here goes me:

I am first and foremost a daughter of the Most High God,
One whom He bought through the Blood of His only begotten Son
I am His beloved
The Apple of His eyes
The home He so desires to live in
I am chosen,
I am a Royal Priesthood
I am loved.

I happened to land onto this earth through two extraordinary human beings who hail from the North of South Africa in Mpumalanga Province.
I happened to land in the form of a woman, I am a girl…
One whom the world regarded as weak and then I had to be black as well!

Before you judge, note that mine was a finished story before I was even formed in the womb of the woman who was to carry me and then deliver me into this earth.
Mine is the kind of God who calls the beginning from the end; you see He weighed the pros and cons and saw it fit to fearfully and wonderfully make me into a beautiful Black Woman.

See I am not defined by my sex or the colour,
Nor am I defined by the language that I speak
or where I was born;

I am rather defined by He who knew me and set me apart before the foundation of the earth,
I am defined by The One who took the time to write and finish the beautiful, perfect story of my life,
I am defined by The Almighty who took the liberty of carefully creating me in His perfect image.

So yes,
I am still YOUNG
– And all these are blessings which I am very proud of,

But who I really am is who God says I AM.

Kay-Dee Mashile


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