Life is beautiful, if you care to see it so.

Whether it is waking up to the beautiful Bloemfontein sunshine or
The mighty ocean in Cape Town,

Whether it walking on the beautiful campus of the UFS or
Walking through the captivating sights of the Cape Town Gardens,

Whether it is being able to sit and laugh of my friends and family or
Sitting and learning in a lecture room,

Whether it is singing songs or
Reciting poems,

Whether is it breathing in the fresh oxygen secreted by Rose Bushes in Oudtshoorn or
The wild trees in Mpumalanga,

Whether it is delicious tropical fruit or
A juicy steak that I eat,

Each and every little experience (where I have been, what I have seen, the food I eat, my abilities to walk, sing, write and recite; and everyone who makes me smile) of what seems to be ‘everyday life’ has taught me that life is beautiful, you just have to take a moment and appreciate it!

Kay-Dee Mashile


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