I have decided to let my light shine

“Keep your head up Princess; your crown might fall!”
– Unknown Author

I am a Royal Priesthood
A Son of The King
– Not just ‘a king’ but The King of kings
I am a co-heir with Christ,
I am destined to sit with Him in heavenly places
To rule and rein with Him forever.

I am not arrogant
I am simply embracing my reality.

I have previously dimmed my light so that I wouldn’t intimidate others
Or maybe that’s what I told myself…
I was so afraid to shine that I hid myself from the world for I did not want to risk failing.

I have now decided to let my light shine
I want to shine so brightly that all those around me with be enlightened
I want to be the light and life in the lives of those that I encounter
I want to inspire others to have the courage to pursue God’s purpose for their lives
I want to shine off the Light of the Son so that the World can see His glory and glorify Him!

I want to live this life to the fullest!

So if you are close to me,
I suggest that you buy thick shades
As the God who lives in me is the Light of the World and
He is about to lighten up my world!

I am a City of the Hill
And my shining Light
Is Jesus Christ!

I Will Shine!

Kay-Dee Mashile


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