Election Manifesto

Election Manifesto:

I am Dineo Mashile, a third year Social Work student. I am passionate about human rights, social justice, and equality. I would be honored to be elected for the SRC office of Transformation in the term 2015/2016.

What I have to offer:

During the past two and a half years, I have acquired a lot of skills and values from my academic course which have equipped me to be a change agent in the greater community. Moreover, I was part of the recent Global Leadership Summit where I acquired a lot of knowledge, skills and values that I and the other participants can share with the greater student population to bring about transformative change on campus.

If I were to be elected:

I will collaborate with my fellow SRC members, the university staff, and the larger student community in a solidarity that will bring about sustainable transformative change. Furthermore, I will involve students living off campus and in Senior Residences, as well as the students enrolled at Day Residences to bring about the change that will work in our time, in terms of diversity, integration and inclusion of all UFS stakeholders.

Since senior students are the majority of the student population on campus, I would like to involve them more in the integration policies and movements of the university as the first year students are. This will benefit the transformation strategy of the university as senior students will model integration and transformation to the first year students. Moreover, it will be beneficial to the university’s human project to produce transformative graduates and alumni. Doing this will ensure sustainability as many generations of students will benefit from the change that we, the current students, implement.

I vow to be the voice of the students, motivating and enabling them to say what change they want to see and grant them the platforms in which they can bring such change into life. I will do this by using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, by placing ‘transformation suggestion boxes’ at various sites on campus, and by making my official email address available to all students. Moreover, as the students shall see fit, public petitions and/or debates – where it is permissible – shall be organised and facilitated for transformative purposes.

Jessica Breakey from UCT said, “A lot has been done and a lot is yet to be done.” This is a summary of my perception when it comes to transformational leadership. This ‘doing’, however, is the collaborative effort of the entire university population and not only the elected SRC of a certain term.

In conclusion, as stated on our university’s SRC constitution, I avail myself to be an advocate for inclusion, the promotion of a culture of non-discrimination, transformation and diversity, as well as the reconciliation of all cultures comprising the student population of the University of the Free State.


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