My life is dry as a desert
In need of your Holy water
To come, cleanse and water these dry bones so that they can come alive for your glory
You see I need your Holy Spirit to breathe life into me
And like a wind, I need Him to blow out all the dirt that is wearing my wings
So that I can fly high like an eagle

Lord I am thirsty for you…
I need the rain of your love and the wind of your Spirit to come and renew me
I need to be made whole again…
Lord I long for you in desperation,
I am absolutely lost without you…

I need you in every one of my waking moments
I need you even when I’m asleep!

“Lord as a deer is thirsty for the waters,
My soul songs for You…”
Lord please send Your Spirit to fall afresh on me..
Please renew my desire to praise and worship you…
Make me fall in love with You afresh…

Lord I’m thirsty for a new touch
I’m thirsty for the renewal of my vow to live for you and only you…
Lord I long for you…
I am thirsty for you…
I need you Lord, desperately so,
For I a most without You…

You are my Lord and Saviour
You are the King of who I am
You are the Most High God
You are my Jehovah
You are Yahweh
You are everything Lord and You are all that I need…

I need You Lord
I seek after You,
I am desperate for You
I am lost without You
I love You Lord, with all my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul
I am longing for You…
Father, I am thirsty for You…

Kay-Dee Mashile


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