Quote by Jim Caviezel – Passion of the Christ

“Your name may not appear down here in this world’s hall of fame
In fact you may be so unknown that no one knows your name

The Oscars and the praise of man may never come your way
But don’t forget God has rewards that He will hand out some day

This crowd on earth they will soon forget you when you’re not at the top
They will cheer like men until you fall and then their praise will stop

Not God, He never does forget
And in His hall of fame, by just believing on His Son,
Forever there is your name

I tell you friend,
I wouldn’t trade my name however small
It’s written there beyond the stars and not so less your hall

For all the famous names on earth or the glory that they share
I would rather be an unknown here
And have my name up there.

God Bless You.”


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