Prayer: Burn like a fire in me

Lord, please burn like a fire in me and illuminate all facets of my life.
May your light be a source of excitement and joy in my life.
Burn and consume every part of me that there will be no more me left.
Burn out my flesh and then let the power of Your spark keep me and strengthen me…
Lord, I pray that my passion for Christ and His people may be intensified through this fire…

Burn within my soul in such a manner that Your spark can never be put off or die out…
Burn all the time so that when people encounter me they may feel the warmth of Your love for them…
Lord, burn in power and ever so abundantly so much so that when I share You with people they may receive  the same intensity of Your fire and yet leave me burning still…

Lord, as we are trees planted by You in this field
That through us You can build Your home
That we can be the body that You head,
Please let Your fire spread among us as a supernatural miracle, so that the world can see that we are on fire for you
That we may share one flame – one passion, to worship You!
And also so that we can be Within One Spirit and One accord –
That we may be unified –
According to the love You have demonstrated to us – the love You gave us for each other…

But, Lord, begin with me…
Burn like a fire in me first
Consume Me first
Commission MY soul first
I give You full control – burn like a fire in me!



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