Stand beneath the mirror; understand my reflection.

You see this art of life is one I am most skilled in
For each of my waking hours contributes to my vast experience
You see life has socialized me to react as a true lady
So on the surface, I seem very close to perfection
For, you see, I have had more than enough practice.

But I urge you not to look at the surface
Do not look at the image that is before you
Look deeper within
Stand beneath the mirror and from there attempt to
Understand my reflection…

You see my dear there is more to me than what meets the eye
What you see in not at all what you would get from me
So do not focus on the image you see on the mirror before me
Stand beneath the mirror and understand the reflection that lies underneath the image seen by others

Look and see what is beneath my beautiful
See and attempt to understand me beyond my perfect
Understand who I am beyond my glow…

Stand beneath the multiple mirrors socialization forces me to reflect
And understand the true reflection of who I am.

For I am,
Kay-Dee Mashile.


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