I wanna sing a love song to Jesus

If I were a musician I would sing a description of you and it would go like this:

“You are the light of my life
You cause me to smile
I never thought I’d be loved
By someone like you,”

“You are The One
I want to spend my life with”
I want to be with You every moment of everyday…

See you are the light that God used to complete the photosynthesis that brought me to being.
You are my very life and I live only because You gave Your life for me.

See in Your presence I cannot but smile,
I am so in love with You the mention of Your Name gives me goose bumps…

See “all my life
I have prayed for someone like You
And now I thank You God that You have finally found me!”

“You are more precious than gold,
More beautiful than the rose of Sharon,
Much fairer than lily that grows by the well-side..”

You are amazing,
You are the Lover of my soul
For you loved me first and You taught me how to love myself…

See if only I was a musician then I would sing to You how
“I want nothing at all if I haven’t got You”
I would sing to You how
“I couldn’t care less if I had nothing at all
as long as I have got You…”

I have found The One
The one who first demonstrated love by loving me enough to lay His life for my sake
The one and only savior
The one and only begotten Son of God
The Lion and the Lamb
The Messiah,
Jesus Christ.


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