“Dear Women – Poetri (@DefPoetPoetri)”

Dear women,
First of all, I’m a man
And by far not coming from an angle where I claim to understand
That, in fact is why I’m writing this: I want to understand
Cause, from my side looking in
Things look a little crazy within
The ranks of womanhood, and I just…
Well, like I said, I just… I just wanna understand

Secondly, please do not take offense
This is neither a slap in the face or a diss
This is a discussion
In this case, I’m a mere student while you’re teaching the lesson
If, by any chance, something I say comes off the wrong way
Please forgive me on this day

I was put on this earth to love you
To adore you
To praise you
To take care of you
To treat you like the queen you are, and possibly
To try to understand you

Is it true, you are indeed from Venus?
Cause men, and this I can attest, really are from Mars
So tell me, on this planet that you come from
Do they teach how not to love yourself?
Do they stress that you are not worthy?
Is it not good not to have great self-esteem where you come from?
I’m just asking, cause here on Earth, you are the object of man’s desire
Yet you walk around like you’re not
You walk around like there is something more
You can do to make us love you more
You act like, you have no power
You act like you can’t just walk into a place
And garner more attention than a cat in a room full of dogs
You act as if you’re not as smart and intelligent
Who told you this!?
And what can I say to convince you that they were a lie?

I was taught in the good book that I was a king
Now, nowhere anywhere, fantasy or reality
Have I ever heard there being a king without a queen, somewhere in the picture
You are the queen
You are royalty, you are supreme
You are, Eve to my Adam, if you know what I mean
You are the bomb diggity doo-wop
You put your hip into my hop
The rhythm in my blues

Woman, didn’t someone tell you who you are?
Do they teach that by wearing as little as you can
Is the best way to attract the perfect man?
You are certainly the most beautiful of all living creatures
But it is your mind and personality that are your best features
Is there anywhere on Venus where they teach this?
The rest is just icing on the cake
That will soon melt away, with every waking year and breath that you take

Please, don’t take this the wrong way
But someone taught you wrong
It is your mind that is most dear to the real man
But for some odd reason, you walk around like it’s not
You walk around like you need to show every inch of your body when, in fact, you don’t
You act like men will love you more the more skin you reveal, when in fact, we won’t
Not even the fake men will love you more
And the thing that kills me is, you are smart enough to tell us apart
You know a real man and a fake man when we see ’em
You can pick them a mile away
But yet you keep letting us believe that we can fool you
So that you can have your fifteen minutes of devotion
As opposed to waiting, for that lifetime of love

Woman, please, explain this to me
Cause I look at you and I stand in awe
How could something so important to God not understand their purpose and their worth?
How could they continue to let men abuse them
And misuse them
The moment you say, “Stop! No more!”
Guess what? If we want to be around you, which we do…
We will stop, drop, get on one knee
And treat you like the queen, you were meant to be
Woman, who told you, that we wouldn’t?


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