I want to believe you

I want to believe you

I want to believe you but it’s hard for me to make myself believe the very words that were used to lie to me not so long ago…
I want to believe you but the things you say and do, I have already crushed and fallen for before… only to wake up bruised, broken and alone.

I want to believe you but I have proved to myself times without number that I can be naïve and gullible when people say the things you are saying…

I mean they say “fool me once shame on you…” and I dare not complete the saying as I have been fooled enough times by common copies of you to drown in shame!


I have no shame as I know that Christ died for me and removed all shame from me.

So I will not condemn you for using the same vocabulary to woo me as the one used by the serpent to woe me.

Rather I will allow the peace of the Lord to dwell within me so that I cannot be distressed by wounds which He healed even before the foundations of the earth were laid,
And I will allow His love to erase all records of being wronged in my heart and make room for the trust for His people that He has place in me.

And since I want to believe you, and if it’s God’s will that I do, by His Grace I will!

Kay-Dee Mashile


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