I have been highly favoured

I strayed from the way and when I desperately prayed
“Lead me not into temptation”
I actually meant “please tell me it’s alright to fall”
I mean we all sin once in while right?
Like isn’t that what mercy and grace are for after all???‬

‪But Your mercy refused that I should sell my soul for temporary pleasure
When Christ already bought me eternal life through His precious blood…‬
And Your grace gave me the ability to resist temptation,
You gave me victory over the enemy by letting me know that You had already defeated him way before I was even formed in my mother’s womb…‬

‪See I have been highly favoured:
I chose to sin but God knew the dream He had for me and He  led me away from temptation,
When I chose to walk away from Him,
When I purposefully turned my back on God,
He still chose to lead me in paths  of righteousness for His Name’s sake…‬

‪See God had invested so much in me to allow me to make such foolish mistakes…
That even when I made myself believe in my own fiction,
He reminded me of the fairytale He dreamed of even before I was born.
He reminded me that He knows how the story is meant to end and that He is the only way to that ending…‬

‪So when I strayed away, He brought me back home.
When I lied to myself, He remained the Truth.
When I stole from my destiny, He restored my soul.
And now as I repent, He has already forgiven me!‬

‪See I have been highly favoured by, not just anyone but, The Most High God Himself!
And to this day, God favours me!!!‬

‪Kay-Dee Mashile.


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