1st Corinthians 13

How many times have you asked yourself the question
“What is love?” and have actually never received and answer?
Well, maybe the problem was the question and not, in fact, that there is not an answer to it.
Maybe what you should have asked yourself was rather “Who is love?”
And to that question, Love Himself has actually given me an answer for you.

And this is who He says He is:

Love is patient:
He wrote my life story and knows what my future hold yet He waits each day to see me grow closer to my destiny.
See love is so patient that although He holds time in His hands He does not fast forward the processes to quickly get to the product for He knows the importance of the process.

Love is kind:
He is so kind that even when we were still sinners He chose to die in our place.
His kindness is supernatural and it is in His loving nature to show it to us each and every day.

Love does not envy:
He created all that which He wants and He created humans particularly in His image for His own pleasure.
And for this reason, love is jealous of His own but He does not envy what does not belong to Him for He knows that at the sound of His voice anything He wants to be is.
Rather than being envious, love is generous and did not even withhold His only begotten Son but gave everything for the salvation of His children – the people Love so loved.

Love does not boast:
Now look here, Love created all things and without Love nothing which was created was created; Love owns the heavens and the earth.
See Love is strong and mighty, He is the Great I Am, The Ancient of Days, The God of Angel Armies…
Love is AWESOME – yet He does not boast.
See when you know and are secure in who you are, people see you for who you are therefore there will be no need to boast. And Love sets a perfect example because when He is asked who HE is He simply replies “I Am”.

Love is not proud:
Love is humble – although Love is the creator of heaven and earth, He lowered Himself to be born and killed by mortal beings (whom He had created) in order to bring about the salvation of the human race.
See if anyone ever had reason to be proud or boastful, it would be Love; but He rather chose to lead by example and even knelt before His disciples in humility to wash their feet!

Love does not dishonor others:
See love created humans so that we would serve Him, but on the contrary, He served our death sentence and He served us His body so that we would never hunger again and He served us His blood so that we would thirst no more.
He did not only serve His servants but He promoted us from servants to friends so that we would know and have His heart and share it with each other. And although He had every right to, He refused to judge and in so doing taught us not to judge either.
Love showed kindness and respect to everyone and He never behaved rudely towards anyone – not even the soldiers who crucified Him!

Love is not self-seeking:
Love is totally selfless! I mean He had the power to wipe all people off the face of the earth and speak new obedient people into existence and live happily ever after; but He rather laid down His life to save the sinful people who – even after His sacrifice – would always fall short of His grace and mercy. [Enough said!]

Love is not easily angered:
His mercies are new every morning for He understands our human nature and He also grants us grace to live righteous lives through His Holy Spirit. So, when we sin, love is quick to correct and forgive us but He does not condemn us for He is very slow to anger.
He is not easily provoked, even when He was rebuked and spitted on, He did not say a word!

Love keeps no record of wrongs:
He says that He forgives all our sins and, for His sake, remembers them no more. And above all that, He makes us new creatures and He totally discards our pasts!
See love forgives us countless times and even before we were created, He laid down His life as a ransom for our sins – once and for all! He does not condemn us for as soon as we ask Him for forgiveness, He forgives us and remembers our sin no more!

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth:
See Love is ‘the way, the truth and the life’ (John 14:6) hence He is never accompanied with falsehood or lies and He does not rejoice in iniquity; rather he rejoices in the truth and He dwells in the praises of those who worship in Spirit and in Truth. Love sets all His people free!

Love bares all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.
‘And now these three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’

And now, if you are still asking ‘Who is Love?’,
The answer to your question is simply as follows:
God is Love (1 John 4:16b).

Source: 1st Corinthians  13:4-13 [Christian Holy Bible NIV]


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