Lord, I love You.

From the time I was a little girl I was blessed enough to be told that God loves me…

And as I grew up I started to experience the love of God in my life…
I experienced God wooing me to get into an intimate relationship with Him as my Father…

Each and every moment I am awake, I see God’s love all around me…
He has loves me all my life in each and every season!

He actually loved me so much that before He created me, He died and atoned for all the sins I’d commit…
See He loved me so much He gave not just His only begotten Son but He gave everything for me!

His love for me is so strong that it converts slaves like me into friends…
His love changes sinners like I once was into sons…

I can never do justice to His love even if I were to try to explain it all day everyday…
His love is great and unconditional,
One needs to experience it for oneself to have the slightest clue of its greatness!

But, how much longer must Jesus have a relationship with us while we keep going back to our pasts?
How much longer must He knock at the doors of our hearts?

What is it gonna take for us to return the favour?
For us to actually fall to our knees in all areas of our lives and live out the love we aught to have for Him?

When are we going to stop and just say, ever-so-sincerely, that we love Him too?
He said in the Word that those who love Him will follow His commandments and He, together with the Father and the Spirit, shall make His home in such people…

So when are we going to stop treating God as a DJ who just has to play our requests
And start treating Him as the Almighty God whom He is??

I choose to start today to love God,
Will you join me?

• Kay-Dee Mashile


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