I’m letting my light shine

See I have been intimidated all my life
Intimidated by my own light

I have lived in my own shadow
Afraid to let my light shine…
I was afraid of what people would say had I let my light shine
But mostly, I was afraid that my light might not shine bright enough…

I used to convince myself that my light may be too small and insignificant that no one would see it even if I’d let it shine;
And while making myself believe that, I justified why I’d hidden my lamp…

But you know I realized something about this light of mine:
I realized that light cannot be hidden as one can actually only appreciate it in the dark…
At that small corner where I’d hidden my light,
I realized that little as my light may be,
It is sufficient to brighten up the place which it was made for.

And actually something can only be small in comparison with something larger,
So since my light is not meant to be compared to any one else’s it can never be small or large,
My light will always be adequate for me and my corner!

Now I know that I aught to let my light shine
And that if it is little then I aught to at least brighten up the corner at which I am
For Marianne Williamson once told me that “as I let my own light shine, I unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same”
So now, I am letting my light shine!

• Kay-Dee Mashile


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