The end of the world

The world awaits a day when the graphic images drafted in the Revelation vision will be revealed to the naked eye;
They await judgment day to bow down and confess You are Lord…
And in this anticipation the world has dared to proclaim knowledge of when what they claim to be the end of the world will occur – when even the Son clearly stated that only the Father knows the day and time.

Well let me tell you a secret:
The world ends each and every day for each person at a time appointed by the father – and no, I’m not talking about death.
Let me elaborate by sharing with you when my world ended.

See I was deep in the pits of the world and the craving for sin became a fire that brought unbearable heat to my flesh and I could barely breath as the Spirit Who had breathed life into me left the shell of my body empty as it had become too filthy for Him to call home…
See my spirit lingered within the borders of a body that resembled the fallen walls of Jerusalem;
My thoughts were no longer plugged into the source of life, so I was on life support powered by a generator so all I thought was clouded with a noise that blocked all hope of hearing His healing voice…
I was clouded with so much darkness that I feared and despised light as it could only illuminate my blinded flaws…
See I was deep within the pits of the world, I was alive yet I lived in death awaiting inevitable judgment.

But then my world ended.
See that day when He poured out His blood and took His last breath, He revived me…
His going into a pit on the earth resurrected me;
And with His resurrection, my scattered bones – the fallen walls of Jerusalem – were restored and brought back to life!
The mercy and grace He bought me restored my body and renovated it so that He – Father, Spirit and Son – could once more inhabit me and once more call me His home.
And with so much light living in me, I no longer have place for even the smallest of darkness for He opens my eyes so that I may see Him at work in me and in others through me!

See my world has ended and when the day of the Lord comes, I will rejoice as I know that in my days on earth I’ve lived a heavenly life ever since my world ended,
I will know that by grace I’d long before received and shared salvation
And that each second of every minute in every situation I’d bowed my will before His as a confession that He is Lord!

I pray that each and everyday may lead us to an end of the world and bring us closer to the establishment of heaven on earth!

• Kay-Dee Mashile


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