There are days…

There are days when I wake up with a smile on my face as though all is well again,
Days when I totally forget about you and actually laugh at this whole situation…
There are days when you really have no hold on me!

There are days when I can talk about us as though we happened long ago,
Days when I am sure that I’m over you
That you no longer have a hold on me…

But then,
There are days like today.
Days when I do every possible thing to get you off my mind but fail nonetheless…
Days when I remember us at though us splitting was some horrible nightmare —
It’s actually ironic ’cause our relationship seemed as though it were a dream to me…
Except I quoted “if this love only exists in my dreams then don’t wake me up!”
But on days like these I feel like screaming “PLEASE WAKE ME UP!”

On days like today I miss you…
On days like these I think of the words we said but never kept…
On these kind of days I hope and pray that someday I’ll wake up and realize that you never existed, that we never happened… That we never met!
On days like these I wish I’d never allowed myself to fall for you because knowing that I had you and lost you for no apparent reason just hurts…

There are days when all I can do is cry when I think about how happy we were…
How we loved and cared for each other…

Someone once told me that time heals and when that happens I’ll let you know the exact dosage needed!
Because on days like today, time is just an aggravation!


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