I am Holy ground

God called me towards Himself and as I approached Him, He told me to remove the high-heels that made me walk in pride as though I were bigger than life – He said “remove your sandals for you are Holy ground”.

See, God took part of the ground and created me and then He placed His Holy Spirit in me to make me into His dwelling place – He made me into Holy ground.

I am Holy ground.

Even as I walk on the grounds of this earth and look as though I may be lost; that’s actually good ’cause I do not belong here as I carry Someone great in me, I carry the Great I Am, who made me into His Holy ground…

See, He took of this ground to build Himself a home and He now dwells in me, hence I am Holy ground.
The Most Holy One left the Holy of Hollies to come and live in me, His presence overflows inside of me. So I cannot help but be Holy ground!

I did not have to do anything to deserve His Holiness, therefore I cannot wear the high-heels of pride as I am Holy ground only because His pure and precious blood fell over me and consecrated me…
The only reason that I am Holy ground is because He looked down at me with mercy and saved me. Therefore I cannot look up to myself but, as Holy ground, I am humbled and look up to Him as it is Him alone who can lift me up.

See I am Holy ground…

I am the chosen ground, the fertile soil that God Himself fertilized through the blood of Christ to plant the seed of His word and yield fruits.
I am the ground that was bought at too high a price to fail to yield good fruitful plants, yet so Holy that weeds cannot dare grow on me!

See I am Holy ground!
A chosen one, set apart for God’s divine appointment.
I am Holy ground,
One mercifully saved and thus cannot contain this praise of the Holy One as I’m reflecting His Holiness in Its wholeness as I am His mirror!
See I am Holy ground only by grace hence I cannot comprehend it even as I repeatedly exclaim with excitement!

I am Holy ground, hence I bow before the Most Holy one. As it is only Him who can ever make me who I was created to be…

And I am Holy ground!


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