Dear Friend,

I promise to tease you each and every day,
To at least give you one reason to smile each day.

I promise to never act all serious when we’re together,
And to allow the child in me to awaken and play with the child in you.

I promise to laugh and talk as though there’s no tomorrow,
And to inspire you to live every moment and make the best out of it.

I promise to listen to your problems and pray with you about them,
And to help you forget about them and enjoy the wait while God deals with them.

I promise to care and love you as the dear friend you are,
And to sometimes ‘big-sister’ you and call you kid or child :)*

That’s all I can promise you, because those are the promises I know I can keep.
But every other thing that God strengthens and instructs me to do, I promise to do that too!

Yours faithfully,
Kay-Dee Mashile.


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