Move over me – a sequel to the poem “God, make me into a mirror”

Lord I prayed for You to make me into a mirror and to position me in Your presence at all times that I may always reflect You…
And Lord You faithfully did this yet I moved away from You justifying it as “God wants me to live a full life” but in doing so I lost the Holy Spirit who once filled me when I lived as Your mirror…

So right now as a prodigal son I return home to my Father and ask, knowing well that I do not deserve it, for the Holy Spirit to move me:
Lord I ask that as You did in the Genesis, hover over the fountain of the living water that is in me. So that when the Father speaks through the Son it may come to pass in my life…
Lord please assume Your position as the driver and help me to do only as the Father says…
Lord please re-place me where the Father is so that I may reflect Him in His fullness, that He may fill me up so much so that I will not have room for anything except Him!
Lord please re-move me into my mission field so that I may be removed from this sinful place I foolishly moved myself to…
— Move over me Lord…

Lord move not only over me but move in and through me as well:
Where You want to be seen Lord use me to show You off.
Where You want to be heard Lord use me to speak Your Word.
Lord use me to reflect You Holiness and Righteousness at all times,
Lord move over me so that in seeing me people will encounter a reflection of You!

And Lord, as You move in me, please rebuild Your home and stay in me once more,
For the sin I tried to fill myself with left me empty and longing for more of You,
Lord this is my prayer:
“Holy Spirit, please move me now
And my life whole again…
Spirit move, over me!”

• Kay-Dee Mashile


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