Easy come, easy go

You came into my life like an unexpected thief and you stole my heart…
You showed me a world I never knew before and then you left just as
swiftly as you arrived.
See you announced your arrival as though you had come home to stay and
you built walls in my heart that blocked even those whom I had
formerly considered to be dear friends from entering into my heart…
You gave me false security as the walls you built were made of straw
and could thus not withstand the first fires that came;
Your walls?? — they fell apart when the winds blew…
See they looked strong
and your promises seemed true, eternal even, but then if something is
not built right one only knows after the first test right??

The sad part is your walls didn’t even last long enough to put up a
fight and that when you felt the heat you retaliated and rather
decided to drop the heart you stole, the heart I gave to you, as
though it was hot ashes…
The saddest part is that just as swiftly as you entered into my life
you chose to leave, leaving me to face the fires all by myself…
And even worse is the fact that when your promises burnt into ash you
didn’t choose to stay and build stronger walls; rather, you threw my
heart into the fire and ran for your life.
And like a mouse you blew where you’d bitten so I could only feel the
pain when you were long gone and nowhere to be found.
You left me feeling like an aborted fetus whom after being given an
opportunity to live and experience life was killed by its own
You lured me into an unknown world and left me there just to take
pleasure in my need and longing for you…
And I realize that closeness does not guarantee friendship as many
people believe in keeping their enemies even closer than their friends,
I just never pinned you down as that type…


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