If my tomorrow doesn’t come; I want you to know this.

If this were my last breath, the last thing I ever get to tell you.

If this was my suicidal letter or the last message from my death bed.

If these were the words to be put in my last will.

If I knew for sure that there would be no tomorrow,

This is what I’d say to you:


I would tell you that I have loved you and have faithfully prayed everyday for you.

I would tell you that you meant a lot to me and that you were the highlight of my youth.

I’d thank you for the brief moments we shared…

And then I’d tell you:

How I did not like that you lacked the courage to speak to me when things took a wrong turn.

Or how you decided to put me on hold when other things called for your attention and care

How you rather had me wait and act as though all was well other than just saying goodbye once and for all…

I’d tell you:

That I honestly cherished every moment we got to spend together; maybe if I’d have another day I’d want to spend it with you… “But on the contrary,” I’d say, “I’d reverse those days we had together if I could because the days thereafter made them seem pointless – like giving birth after long painful hours of labor only to kill the child right after!”

And I’d close off by singing to you the last song I’d ever sing, I’d sing:

“I hope life treats you kind,

And I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of.

I’m wishing joy and happiness,

But above all this, I’m wishing you love…

And I… will always love you!”

I’d make it the best performance of my life for even if tomorrow never comes I know that I was here and only through my life and love could I have possibly left a mark in your heart…

I’d choose to have one last laugh while holding your hand, rather than saying goodbye*

And I’d choose to hear you call me “child” on last time, in stead of saying goodbye,



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