PS: I am not broken!

I have been scarred by the cruel words and actions of those previously trusted and cherished.
I have known the cruelty of people believed to be loved ones.
I have experienced hurt fashioned by people I trusted with my heart.
– But, I am not broken.

Yes my heart may have scars and it may bleed more love now when touched because they haven’t completely healed;
Yes I may still limp from the previous fractures on my bones which were meant to break me.
– But, I am not broken.

I am strong for Christ took my place on th Cross and endured all pains that I may be made whole.
And the reason why is stand out is because He set me apart from status quo so that I’d reflect His glorious image.
Each bone He broke strengthened mine;
Each whip healed my scars and mended me;
Each fall rose me up…
– So I am no longer broken!

I am saved and made whole by the Most High.
I am sanctified, and I need not harm His temple for He bought it at too high a price!
And all that He did out of love.
And then He blessed me with people here on earth to share this blessing and love with me.

I am not broken, hence I do not need fixing from these people;
All I need from them is love and affection!
So do not try to fix me
As you may find that there is nothing within your capability that you could possibly fix in me,
And I’m afraid when you realize that there is no place for fixing, you may also realize there is no place for a fixer either*

I am not a project and you are welcome to look for one elsewhere.
But as long as you are here,
All I ask of you is love and affection.

PS: do not try to fix me, for I am NOT broken!


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