What happened to us?

We used to be like two strands of the same DNA helix
We used to be intertwined like conjoined identical twins
We used to be very close…
So close that even 700 kilometers couldn’t come between us
We used to share every thought with each other — I could tell where you are doing what with whom at every given moment,
Not to control you but rather because we used to share everything!
We used to care about each other as though we were birthed from the same womb
We were concerned for each other as though I was flesh of your flesh and bone of your bones…

Remember how you said you felt safe with me, how you said you somehow knew I was the one you wanted to love until your dying day…
Remember how you looked deep into my eyes and saw your future, our future??
Do you remember what you were feeling towards me when you fought for me… For us actually??
When you stood to protect me from hurt fashioned by people who mattered most to you?
Do you remember that day that you first realized that what we shared was true love? The kind that made you want to get married and grow old together??
Do you remember the first time we kissed?
How you said that was the best feeling ever??
Do you remember the strong attraction that we shared? How we’d smile at each other at church just because we made each other happy??
Do you remember how we praised God for each other? How we’d call ourselves blessed to have met the person God personally created for each of us??
Do you remember how we never wanted to stop talking? How we’d never even run out of things to talk about??
How I’d be crying but beginning to laugh just from hearing your voice?
My dear sweetheart, do you remember???

So where did we go wrong?
When did I stop being that girl and when did you stop being that guy??
Who said to stop sharing our lives with each other?
Who performed the operation that separated us? That removed my flesh from yours?? That detached my bones from yours???
Who said to stop caring? What removed that mutual concern who used to share?
Who’s responsible for unwinding us to these two individual strands that we are today??
Who took away the words we used to speak to each other?
What managed to come between us when not even a nine hour drive couldn’t?
Were they lying when they said true love lasts forever, or was it just not it?
When did we stop caring? When did it seize to matter to me whether or not you’re okay and vice versa?
When did “us” become work? So much so that making an effort to communicate became “effort making”?
How did we get here??
What happened to US???

What I want to know most is, what is this?
Or rather, in plane English, am I still the girl for you or has it changed?
Have the feeling we may have mistaken for love turned out to be a lusty fling?
Are we even still a couple or are we just going through the motions?
I guess what I’m asking is, when love is all you have and it fades away, what’s then left??

I actually still love you so don’t get me wrong, I just want to know, what happened to us?


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