It took a Word to create all that is – without the Word nothing was ever created.

It takes a Word to ignite the sparks of faith in one’s spirit – as faith comes through hearing His Word, which, actually, is Him!

It takes a word make or break a person – ever heard the saying “sticks and stones may break bones…”??

It takes words to let people in on what’s going on within. It is words that we use to express ourselves…
Words that help us to seek and render all the services required for our survival!

It takes a good communication system to maintain a good relationship – we need to listen to and speak words constantly to ensure our desires and expectations are met.
It is words that initiate relationships to begin with! And in most cases – if not all – the opposite of the initial words are what end the same relationships!

Our choice of words can either make or break people – we hold life and death with our tongues…

Words are used by everyone.
But as a poet, words are a tool, my weapon of choice.
As words are the most powerful weapon that even the most powerless person possesses…
See words are universal, hence
Words are the very heart of poetry!

As you have just witnessed me using words to explain to you the power of words, you can now testify of the significance of the Word.
See words are like social neurotransmitters of information,
They are the basis of all data transmission and actually form the most fundamental part of every doctrine.
Words give birth all intellectuals – as we are taught and examined through words, regardless of our professions!

Now, you may forget all I’ve said as all I’ve been meaning to say is the following,
Please bury these words in heart:
“If you count your words and know when to share and when keep them to yourself;
You will very seldom find yourself in trouble!”
You have my word on that!
And my word is my honour, as, at the end of the day, all I have is my word.
Trust me when I say that, because
what is a poet without words?!


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