I still love you

I still sit and marvel at the time and energy God put into putting you together…
I still consider you to be the workmanship of the Master, a masterpiece, created uniquely by the almighty God.
I still see the beauty of God shining through you, even 700 km away, I can still see His reflection through you.
I still love you.

I still sit and smile just thinking of you. Sometimes I wonder how it is that God brought you into MY life…
Like what did I do to deserve such favour?!
I still smile when I wake up and see a text from you with just the words “good morning,”
Hearing your voice still makes m giggle and get butterflies…
I really so still love you.

Even when I’m mad or when I’m having a bad day I still want to speak to you because just having a conversation with you is guaranteed to cheer me up…
You still make me smile…
Thinking of you, of us, gives me so much joy and gratitude.
It is not everyday that one gets to share such an awesome gift with someone like you…
And I am still in love with you!

I still consider you to be the realization of my dream…
You are still the kind of guy I’d like to spend my forever with.
I still know that only God knows my future and I am at peace with that for I have known a love most can only dream of!
I still get excited over your future, because whether or not I will be in it, I know it will be filled with so much hope!
I still cannot believe that this is not a dream because I still truly am head-over-hills in love with you!

You are still my hope for true love.
You are still the love of my life!
And I still love you so dearly…

I will always cherish these words you said to me: “I have never loved or been loved this much.” And as long as you love me; I will still love you!

All my love,
Kay-Dee Mashile ❤


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