Count your blessings

Have you ever heard the saying “you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it”?

Well if we were to keep record of the good things in our lives,
If we were to constantly appreciate their value,
If we were to frequently remind ourselves to acknowledge that these things are blessings we don’t deserve…
If we were to make it a conscious decision to get to know the value of what we have in our lives,
If we were to choose to value these blessings and know them as the blessings they are…
If we were to be a little less arrogant and a little more grateful for these things,
If we were to treasure them more and care less about people’s opinions,
If we were to spend less time on ourselves and asking more and spend more time on appreciating and giving thanks for what we have already been blessed with…
If we were to stop complaining for a second and rather count our blessings,

Then maybe we would know and appreciate what we have and enjoy it and avoid losing it all because we were blinded by our own insecurities and arrogance for thinking we deserve all that we have…
If we were to entrust the blessings God gave us unto Him and praise Him for them maybe we would actually enjoy the time we have with them rather than regretting losing them when they are gone!

Kay-Dee Mashile


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