unfinished business

In the beginning God created
And not once in the process did He say it is finished yet He took time to reflect and enjoy the beauty of that which He had created.
So sometimes in the process of our lives God may take a step back to marvel at what He has made of us and in the mean time our imperfect selves may try to create and only end up creating chaos!

Hence Christ went to the cross to give us an endless series of second chances

But before He declared it to be finished
He first defeated all sorts of temptation
He disarmed suffering of all its power
He guaranteed us success but defeating failure
And then He carried the cross to relieve us of all our burdens
He was ridiculed to remove all of our shame
He passed the ultimate test and then He said “it is finished”

So if you have not seen the fulfillment of all the promises of the Cross of Christ yet, then sit back and relax because God doesn’t do unfinished business!

So trust Him to complete that which He has commerced in you life!

Kay-Dee Mashile


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