life is like music

Life is like music
There are high notes that may be hard to reach but work out totally beautiful when done right;
Yet there are low notes that are almost unheard but are nonetheless essential in defining this song of life

Life is like music
Sometimes it makes you happy and elevates your adrenaline levels
Yet sometimes it makes you so sad you just want to put it off
This song of life it has varying genres some just leave you feeling blue!

Life is like music
Sometimes you just want to turn up the volume for all to hear
Yet sometimes it sounds better when you listen to this song of life all alone
Sometimes you want to share it
Yet sometimes it seems as though it is not worth sharing this song of life

Life is like music
Sometimes it’s good – awesome even!
Yet sometimes its so bad you just want it all to just stop!
This song of life it sometimes makes one dance
Yet sometimes it is so somber it makes one wish to run off to a world far away from this one
This song of life…

Life is like music
There are moments that are just amazing — when all is on the right tune
Yet sometimes the smallest key change can cause major discord!
See this song of life is not defined by the amazing parts but by those silly mistakes that stand out more…

Life is like music
You can be good on your own but you need other people to be great!
And you need to learn from others and learn how to harmonize with others in order to make the best out of your talents

And just like life
Whether it is going up or down
Whether it is happy or sad
Whether it is love or hurt
Whether it is good or bad
Whether it is suppressed or loud
Whether it is fast or slow
Whether it is house or blues
The music never stops until you press stop!

So my advice is:

Repeat the things that make you happy
Pause on the moments that need to be savored
Fast forward to things that matter
Rewind to fix mistakes wherever you can
Stop to appreciate the little things and
Play on because life goes on!

Kay-Dee Mashile


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