My life is a puzzle

In the beginning God mapped out my life walk and He completed it
Even before I was formed in my mother’s womb God had known me and set me apart
See His plans to prosper me did not come after I was born as I automatically forfeited all rights to His blessing when I reached the cursed ground
Hence He blessed me in overflowing abundance even before the world was created!

He then cut my life into pieces
He did this so that I’d have a new day everyday to behold Him and His great love for me
Each day He puts a new piece to the whole; with each day I find more of myself in Him
Each season He shows me a different part of myself by placing multiple pieces together to reflect a facet of Himself in me
Each stage is a development of His Holy image, when He adds more pieces I see more of who I am and get a better reflection of who He is.

And when I feel like nothing is happening in my life, it is during those times when He is preparing me to add a very small yet very big piece into my life
He commanded me to wait for love as I had to be ready to receive and it and give it back…
See God knows the right time to add or subtract from this puzzle
As sometimes a piece may seem as though it fits at a certain place and I may be hasty to place it there myself
But the saving grace of my Lord is always willing and able to remove it so that I do not lose the essence of the piece that actually belongs there…

See nothing in my life will ever surprise God as He sits with the puzzle of my life and He determines the speed at which my life is to go and He alone knows when He will say “it is finished”.

Therefore, I am to excited to see what pieces God is yet to place in this interesting puzzle of my life!

Kay-Dee Mashile


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