The class of 2012 by Dineo Mashile – Published in “A Rusty Whisper” 2012

Dedicated to the Grade 12a Class of 2012 at Oudtshoorn High School:

The class of bitterness — the class without morals
The lost generation
And in some cases, the last generation, they say
I want to let you know that all they say will be proven wrong
We are a strong class
We are the ones who will bring change
This class will be the very opposite of what they say of us
We will replace the bitterness with love
We will be the most respectful and respected class
We are not a lost generation
And we are definitely not the last
We are the beginning
The beginning of all good things the youth could ever do
We are the beginning of a new, energetic, enthusiastic,
and respecting generation
2012 is not the end of the world — rather
It is the beginning of a bright future!
And we are the class of excellence!


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