Yes, I do, this much!

  • Ek is lief vir jou
  • Ndza ku rhandza
  • Ndo va funa
  • Ngi ya ku thanda
  • Ndi ya ku thanda
  • Ngi ya gu tsandza
  • Kea go rata
  • Kea o rata
  • Kea ho rata
  • Na ku penda
  • Ndinokuda
  • Te amo
  • Ich liebe dich

I can say that in all the languages I know but I cant really tell you what it means to me… what you mean to me… lest you think you don’t deserve me or that I’m just deluded… But even though I cant bring myself to a point where I can tell you yet I hope in all that I can and do say, you can see that I love you! And that is the only language worth knowing!

And a wise person once said “The greatest achievement in life is to love God, love yourself and love others!” So this, my Dear Sweetheart is one of the greatest things I could ever accomplish!

With Love,

Kay-Dee Mashile


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