Warning: Not for the feint hearted — When you try to fix mirrors.

Sometimes in life things break, just like mirrors. And the nature in which we are made instantly leads us to ‘fix-it’ mode and we attempt to ‘rectify’ them.

While fixing a broken belt or shoe may be easy (and normal!), we adopt such behaviour even when it comes to matters of the heart. See everyone whose heart has ever been broken will testify that the first thing they wanted to do was rectify the heart-breaking factor – in most cases, a broken relationship, and this is where the metaphor of a broken mirror comes into play:

A relationship is like a mirror in many ways: it reflects your heart’s desire, what makes you happy and a lot of who you really are… it shows you your true self (that’s if IT is true!) And again like a mirror a relationship is fragile and can break at the first careless fall. Again just like mirrors, one can attempt to fix a broken relationship and may even succeed at it; but my argument is (now this is just how I see it) the process of fixing that mirror is filled with blood, sweat and tears (literally!) and no matter what efforts you put into fixing it, it can never retain its previous quality and the reflection it will give from then onwards will be inaccurate… so basically, it will be a mirror still but it will never give you a satisfying image of yourself! In other words, you will soon realise that it has lost its capacity and that it no longer makes you happy… So, I maybe suggest that in stead of trying to fix it in the first place rather sweep up the broken pieces, make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process of picking them up but do pick them up lest they hurt someone in the future, dispose them in a recycle bin so they can maybe be put into better use in their reincarnated life and then get over it and get yourself a new and better mirror! I mean really, how many scars do you want to see before you realise that it’s over? I hate to prophecy doom but my sweetheart it’ll never get better, if anything, it’ll only get worse, so (tough love) stop chasing the wind and go shopping for a better mirror! I promise you there’s plenty, you just need to be open minded ;)!

I guess I do watch a lot of movies but in reality, chances are everything won’t fall into place and you won’t live happily ever after. So, Happy Shopping!!!


Kay-Dee Mashile


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