I prayed a prayer for you

I prayed a prayer for you.

I thanked God for you. I thanked Him for creating you and taking the time to nurture you into the person He created you to be and then I thanked Him for putting you in my path. I thanked Him for all the finished work He has done in you and all that which He is yet to complete in and through you.

And then I asked Him to bless you. I asked Him to make clear all the open doors that He has set before you, and I also asked Him to give you a yearning to have fellowship with Him and give Him glory for all your accomplishments.

I asked Him to equip you with more wisdom, the kind that no man on earth can ever teach you, so that you can reflect Him in all that you do. I asked Him to bless the works of your hands and to make you sensitive to His voice as to which opportunities are from Him and that you will be wise enough to know not to take those that aren’t.

And then I asked Him to help me, I asked Him to give me the strength and capacity to be able to support and encourage you to pursue that which I know He has in store for you. I also asked Him to give me patience and perseverance to wait for you to realise how great He is in your life and also to behold how He shines through you.

And then I asked Him to teach me how to appreciate you, how to reflect your kindness, caring nature, understanding spirit and sweetness back to you so that you can see how beautiful you are, from the inside out! I asked Him to take control of my heart, that He may love you through me as I cannot do you justice even if I tried!

“And God,” I prayed, “help us not to try to do this on our own but please take control and show us the way. But above all else, let your will be done in our lives both together and separately. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


Kay-Dee Mashile


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