God says that He is love, and more than just love, He is perfect love! The kind of love that leaves no room for fear!
And Warren Barfield describes such love as a house wherein two people enter and then commit to never leave.

Now my brother, how truthful are you being when you meet a sister at the mall and you tell her that you love her?

Why has the youth of today mistaken love for a few drunken minutes of fun with a total stranger whose name they don’t even bother to enquire?

Why have we traded the blissful commitment that God so graciously gave to mankind to be a reflection of His ever-so-perfect affection for the church for sweet little nothings that just prove how little we think of ourselves?
It’s actually like saying I don’t want a wrapped lollipop as I prefer going through the trash to eat one that someone else has discarded, the dirtier the better right?

It is actually funny how the amusement we seek to appease our boredom leads to a boring sorry life of no pleasure! As every single day we waste our precious lives searching for love only to find it and have no life left to enjoy it!

So, what am I saying?

Love is not just another word one can use to manipulate a situation.
It is not an expression of a few futile moments of worthless pleasure.
It is not an expression of excitement or the desire thereof!


Love is the willingness to lay down your life for another;
It is knowing that a person will not always do right by you and still have a willingness to accept and care for them.
It is a genuine symbol of affection which goes far beyond attraction!
It is not knowing what tomorrow holds but not fearing; rather being excited to see it!

Love is what God feels for the world, so much so that He sacrificed His one and only begotten son. And the reason I understand this now is because you chose to show me rather than tell me; and I thank you for that!

Inspired by Warren Barfield: Love is not a fight (song)

Kay-Dee Mashile


4 thoughts on “Love?

  1. Annabell Tonga says:

    🙂 so inspiring,juss wish tha world could see this especially tha use. That way they wouldn’t misuse love. I love this,you gifted!

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