I wrote Daddy a poem

Dear Daddy,

I wanted to tell you something but I didn’t know how you would react so I wrote you a poem.

In the poem I told you how much I appreciate you showing me what a real man is like. I told you that I love you and that I could have never wished for any other father.

In the poem I asked you if you remembered how you’d come back from work and shout ‘Papa’s back’ at the door and how we’d all run to you and you’d pick us up and give us bubble gum? And I also asked you if you remembered when Mama and I would visit you at 524 and you would give me chilled milo? I also asked you if you remembered that day when I was 8 years old when we were playing on the trampoline at your work and I got stung by a bee? – Do you remember Daddy?

In the poem I told you that I appreciate all the times that I watched soccer with you even when I did not like it I enjoyed your company! I also told you how good it made me feel when you’d taste my Consumer Studies’ Practical try-outs when Mamma wouldn’t; I also told you that I appreciate every “thanks for the food my kind, it was nice” you said after every meal that I have ever served you, even the ones that weren’t so nice!

In the poem I also told you that I will always be your little girl and that no man can ever compare to my Daddy! I also told Daddy that Daddy is my super-star and super-hero all wrapped up in one.

And then I asked Daddy to please understand. I asked Daddy to understand that His little girl had to grow up now. That His little girl has to eventually become a woman and that that might happen sooner than Daddy thinks. I also asked Daddy if Daddy can see that I am growing, that even though we still watch soccer together or chill outside and talk about nothing in particular, I am not the same little girl but rather I have become a young lady? I also asked Daddy if His unconditional taste-buds can taste the difference in the food I make now as compared to that which I made when I was a kid?

Daddy, I said in the poem, I will meet someone, or maybe I already have. And I will fall in love, or maybe I already have. So can Daddy please be happy for me and offer me advice as to how to do this right instead of trying to make me avoid mistakes by preventing me from trying? Can Daddy please allow me to make my own decisions and still be there for me if I do get hurt?

In the poem I also said to Daddy, Daddy please don’t be mad because I will not settle for anything less than what my Daddy has modeled to me! And I promise never to forget all that Daddy has taught me, I also promise to always listen to Daddy and take Daddy’s advice!

One last thing, I said to Daddy in the poem, you have raised me well – thank you for that! – and the values you taught me will keep me safe always and I won’t do anything stupid, I promise!

I love you Daddy :)! From Daddy’s little girl who has now become a young lady,

Kay-Dee Mashile


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