Ten things I like about you.

  1. I like that you are God-fearing and that you acknowledge that He is the Alpha and Omega of all things.

  2. I like how selfless you are, how you always worry about me when you think you did or said something wrong. I even like that you fall asleep while we still chatting!

  3.  I like that you care so much that you don’t want me to sleep without eating, even if its by choice! And that you would rather not talk to me if I have school work to complete.

  4. I like your voice! I like how it turns my heart into an athlete, how it makes my blood pressure run fast and how my heart jumps up and down in my chest when we speak :), making my words so short that I just end up laughing! And how my friends say I glow when we chat.

  5. And yes, you do make me smile! And I like that too* and how I could have had a bad day but feel really happy once we have spoken… Did I tell how much I like hearing your voice?

  6. I like how you can be so humble when, if anyone ever did, you have every reason to be proud!

  7. I like the fact that you don’t tell yourself that you deserve me, and how special that makes me feel.

  8. I like your determination to succeed and also the hard work you are willing to put into making that happen.

  9. I like how you are with your mom, and I think it’s really cute! Hahaha*

  10. And lastly, I guess I just like you! And the fact that you are an amazing person who just doesn’t know it yet!

Kay-Dee Mashile


2 thoughts on “Ten things I like about you.

  1. Wow wow … And I like you more n more lol ok first day I saw you reciting a poem about God How he has lift you up… That was an attractive circumstance you left me wow and speechless just as how do up to now am humbled to be just in your texts chatting cz u are an amazing girl 🙂 a special one

  2. Hahaha I can only imagine Daddy’s face if he saw this! Hahaha well it takes an amazing and special person to see one* hahahaha shame thanks for the video! twas the perfect conversation starter!

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