Do you know me?

Ok so my words captivated you and my model-c English accent amplified them into sweet sounds as that of birds flying above your head… So you heard me sing at the top of my voice which may have sent chills down your spine and you caught me in a moment when I could actually dance and the artist inside of me just instantly befriended the artist in you.

So you heard me laugh and you saw my smile which made up my face as though it were a piece of an artist’s finest art, and it just so happened that I was all dressed up when you first saw me…

But do you know me?

Do you know that I wake up at midday or even afternoon and prefer not to be disturbed unless the house catches a fire? Do you know that I don’t like washing dishes or doing the laundry? Do you know that I like having my own space and somehow I don’t like being tickled?

Do you know that I hate pumpkin and thus I don’t wear anything orange? Do you know that liquorice makes me nauseous and that I am allergic to watermelon?

Do you know that I have a phobia for all animals, sometimes even humans? Do you know that I am terrified of heights?

Do you know that the words I speak are bits and pieces of something inside me that cries out to be heard louder than the words I blabber?

Do you know that I am not an innocent sweet little angel and that I am far from being perfect?

Do you know that when I’m sad I listen to music and cry myself to sleep?

Do you know that I am not in a relationship because I never want to get hurt? Do you know how much I dread pain?!

Do you know that I love my family so much that if ever you wanted me to choose you should never bother because they mean much more to me than the world?

But more than all that, do you know that I am actually just a little girl in a scary jungle where the only thing that keeps me going is God and His ever enduring love, mercy and grace? Do you know that if He commands me never to speak to you again I wouldn’t even question it, that it would be as though you never existed?!

Well, do you see now why I really have to ask you, do you know me?


Kay-Dee Mashile


2 thoughts on “Do you know me?

  1. I have never been afraid of venturing into any challenge so having a challenge like you is a blessing in disguise because even if I don’t no you am determined to trace, pluck out every detail till I have the full blue print .. So that’s not a problem because one thing I no is I can make you smile

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