You never lied to me!

I don’t know whether it is that I am just another sweet little girl who sees everyone through rosy glasses;

Whether that’s what makes me gullible…

Maybe it’s actually some sort of psychopathology; or maybe I am just plain naïve!

Every word you said was as though it were taken from my very own mental dictionary! We clicked on an intellectual level and I was hypnotised by the sweet nothings you said. For some reason I thought you had nothing to gain by lying… What did you gain anyway?!

But technically you never lied, you just said your version of the truth… after all every author is allowed to have his own opinion right?

For a second I believed you, but then I had a doubt… there had to be something wrong! There always is! Nobody is that perfect! And then it hit me.* I realised that the perfect words you said were empty and that it is super easy for you to easily say them to another person, who knows how many people inspire you! And boy you must be super blessed coz everyone seems to be a blessing to you!!

See I’ve always known that girls have drama, but at least we aren’t ashamed to admit it! But the sweet quiet respectful godly façade you put up is just a huge one man circus! Shame I should command you, you acted so well it was almost believable!

But hey, we live and we learn right? Like you cannot live with a wise person and not get an impartation of their wisdom… or isn’t that what you said??

Shame at least you are honest about most things! You actually made me laugh! the mystery was very magical!!! But then what happens when the curtains close? Or does this freak show never end?!

Well at the end of t all, it was fun! But all fake things eventually break* I just hope that someday you will actually become what you pretend to be, coz then you really would be one of a kind! And don’t worry, you can always get friendship out of this!

I thank God for looking out for me when stupidity and immaturity blinded me! Honestly I don’t blame you… I rather am disappointed in myself for filling in your blanks with delirious beliefs of fiction in my own hand writing! Remember how you always suspected I could be literally crazy smart?! Well then congratulations because yet again, you were right! 

But shame you never lied! I did, to myself! Talk about vanity! 



Kay-Dee Mashile 


3 thoughts on “You never lied to me!

  1. Ndumiso Ndlovu says:

    Wow frnd….ths is so gud…I realy apreciated bein invitd in ths blog….keep motivatin us ma bestie

  2. Ndumiso Ndlovu says:

    Wow frnd ths is realy good xem…. Realy apreciat u invitin me 2 cum n be motivated here…. keep up th good work n God bless wth More words 2 motivate us…..loads of love Ma bestie

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